Google Chrome received a new update this week to fix a zero-day vulnerability that has already been exploited by malicious actors around the world. Browser version 103.0.5060.114, now available for download, promises to solve the problem and make its users more secure.

“Zero-day” flaws or vulnerabilities are those that are also discovered while being exploited by hackers or malicious programs. The bug in question for Google’s browser was codenamed CVE-2022-2294 and is the fourth zero-day vulnerability found in Chrome in 2022.

Since the patch update has just been released, Google declined to provide details on how the flaw was used and what problems it might cause to its users. The company says it will offer more information when more users update and are safe.

We only know that this is a WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) based vulnerability and can cause program crashes to bypass system security measures.

Update now!

Since this is an already exploited flaw, it is highly recommended to update your browser as soon as possible. To do this in Chrome, simply access the menu (“three dots” button), select the “Help” tab, then click “About Google Chrome.” In the default configuration, the browser will open a new tab with information about the current version and automatically download the update.

Source: Tec Mundo

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