Nuclear batteries can last hundreds or even thousands of years. Thus, by removing radioactive elements from nuclear waste and putting them inside diamonds using chemical vapor deposition, it is possible to convert the diamond into a kind of converter that converts radiation into electricity.

Such nuclear batteries could power all the electronic devices we use today. From smartwatches and headphones to cars, drones and even robots.

NDB is currently developing nanodiamond batteries. According to NDB CEO Nima Golshafi, the working principle of such batteries is similar to solar energy, but nanodiamond batteries generate electricity by emitting radioactive substances instead of sunlight.

NDB has done extensive research to make sure its batteries are effective in producing phones and cars. They do not produce harmful radiation or emissions in many ways. The company says nuclear batteries made of nearly indestructible diamonds would be safer than lithium-ion batteries.

NDB has already pilot-tested the concept and aims to have a working product ready by 2023.

Source: Ferra

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