Lately excitement It’s on everyone’s lips for a number of reasons. On the one hand, there is Elon Musk’s unquestionable acquisition attempt and the constant updates that the platform receives to improve this service.

For example, they recently improved the privacy of this social network. And now, it looks like Twitter will let you choose and follow feeds or timelines to better inform yourself about all kinds of topics.

Twitter will change the timeline

This function has been active for a long time and the truth is that it works very well. For example, you can select a specific topic to get the latest news, which is very useful during the pandemic. YT.Witter is preparing changes to its platform to add more options to these feeds.

That’s where whistleblower Jane Manchun Wong comes in, a developer specializing in leaking information about what’s new on Twitter. Y discovered a webpage that shows the little bluebird platform is working on a new custom timeline feature and that they will not be chosen by you or Twitter, but rather third-party services will take care of it.

we talk about services specific to this subject and manually selectable or let the system display the relevant content. These timelines will now be tabbed to make it easier to switch between them.

Like this, from time to time you will receive invitations to add timelines of topics that may be of interest to you.. For example, if you’re watching popular videos, you’ll be prompted to add a button to the timeline called Popular Videos.

We don’t have more information on this at the moment and we’ll have to wait for Twitter to officially announce these changes to see what surprises us with it. Regarding the possible release date, it will most likely arrive in the coming weeks, especially if you take into account that the published leak reveals all the secrets of this tool.

Finally, This feature is initially available to premium users of the platform. and they pay a monthly fee to access advanced functions, but until the platform makes the relevant announcement, it’s nothing more than rumors at the moment. Also, while the information is true, it’s possible that this project eventually won’t go ahead and Twitter will change its mind, keeping the timeline as it has so far.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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