VK and Sberbank are considering a possible division of the assets of their O2O Holding joint venture in order to circumvent sanctions threats, and subsequently implement the idea of ​​exchanging Delivery Club for Yandex.News and Yandex.Zen.

VK and Sberbank will share assets for further exchange with Yandex

Forbes journalists noted the nuances of the negotiations. Citing sources close to the companies, the publication reports that the Delivery Club will go to VK, and Sberbank will receive the Samokat delivery service and Citydrive car sharing.

According to analysts, the redistribution is necessary to ensure maximum transparency of the agreement under discussion with Yandex.

In April, VK signed an agreement to buy Yandex.News and Yandex.Zen, and then it became known that the media giant was ready to exchange Delivery Club for these projects, but for this it is important that both current owners leave the company. as a result of the transaction.

Therefore, now VK and Sberbank must decide who exactly will buy Delivery Club from the joint venture.

Experts believe that the situation is better for VK, since the company did not fall under blocking sanctions, like Sberbank, and is unlikely to fall (Gazprombank is among its shareholders, which cannot be sanctioned without endangering the purchase of Russian gas by Western countries) .

The division of assets is also closely linked to the interests of VK and Sberbank themselves: it is logical that a media company acquires the assets of Novosti and Zen, and Samokat will fit into the ecosystem that Sbermarket already has.

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Citydrive's fate, according to Forbes sources, is in doubt. Maybe the service will be sold, or maybe just moved to a separate structure to avoid the same sanctions pressure.

Market analysts believe that such a division of assets would be almost equivalent, as Delivery Club can now be considered the most valuable asset of the joint venture. The idea of ​​​​exchanging services with Yandex also seems scarce, but the danger lies in the position of the FAS.

Department representatives told Forbes that "FAS's position with respect to Yandex's monopoly in the food delivery market will depend on the specific parameters and agreements of the parties to the transaction." At the same time, the department did not receive any requests from Yandex regarding the Delivery Club.

However, the fact that VK has today registered the domains dzen.su, zen.su, zen.rf and zen.rf speaks volumes that the deal is already underway.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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