The host of YouTube channel Andrey compared the Galaxy A33 and A52 in terms of performance and operation. Galaxy A33 is considered more modern, but is it better than the old Samsung A52?

First, the specialist compared the design of the devices. In appearance, the A52 and A33 are identical. As for the package, you will get a 15 W charger with the A52, but there will be no power supply in the box with the A33.

The difference in screens is already noticeable in their size. Diagonal screen A52 is 6.5 inches, A33 – 6.4 inches. The rest of the devices are the same.

Of the processors, it is installed on Snapdragon 720G (4/8 GB) A52 and Exynos 1280 (6/8 GB) A33. It runs slightly faster with the A33, but the difference is negligible. In AnTuTu, A33 scored 420 thousand points, and A52 – 270-280 thousand points. In games, smartphones are very similar to each other, and many projects are started on medium settings.

You can see the difference in autonomy. Battery capacity of A52 is 4500 mAh, A33 – 5000 mAh. Both models support a maximum charging power of 25 W and “live” more or less the same: at the end of the day, about 30 percent is left.

Speaking of cameras, the front of the A33 has a resolution of 13 MP and takes beautiful pictures. If you compare it with the 32 MP front lens on the A52, you won’t see any difference in the pictures.

The A52’s main camera takes better shots. Its resolution is 64 MP, while the A33 has 48 MP. The difference between them is noticeable in evening shots, but otherwise the devices are photographed too closely. But in terms of shooting video in 4K, on ​​the contrary, the A33 looks better (in addition, the A33 has stabilization, unlike the A52). Sample photos are below.

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Among other differences, the A52 has a headphone jack, but the smartphone does not support 5G like the A33.

If you don’t mind the price, the A52 seems like a better option. It has a larger screen and is generally more interesting. But in general, when choosing from your own needs, you need to move forward and consider which parameters are more important to you and which you can refuse.

Source: Ferra

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