The gaming industry does not stand still and every year there are more and more amazing technologies that bring joy to millions of players around the world. However, despite the progress, game developers are in no hurry to back up previous successes and somehow fix the problems that arise if the project no longer makes money. In this article you will learn how to significantly improve performance in many games, as well as how to get rid of lags and crashes.

Since most well-known game projects are based on the outdated Directx 9-11 graphics API, the principles of which were relaxed in the days of the dominance of single-core processors and problems with graphics pipelines, even in new games this continues to have a significant impact on performance. The magic of the Linux gaming world is called to correct the situation.

DXVK is a special wrapper library that allows you to significantly improve performance in many games by retransmitting deprecated Directx calls to more modern and Vulkan’s low-level graphics API.

Let’s do an experiment. Let’s compare GTA 4 not optimized in Directx 9 vs Vulkan mode.

Despite the free GPU resources in the first half of the test, it is safe to say that using Vulkan allows you to get more than 30% of the maximum FPS compared to Direct 9, as well as distribute the load on the CPU evenly. smartest. You can always find more tests and comparisons on YouTube. Let’s move on to the guide.

game acceleration

a. Download DXVK and open the .tar file twice with 7-zip.

two. We move the files from the x32 / x64 folder (depending on the bitness and freshness of the game) to the folder with your game.

3. Feel free to start our game.


Congratulations! You’ve just done something amazing, because without any programming knowledge or access to source code, you were able to convert your game to use the new high-performance Vulkan graphics API. Of course, this is not a real transfer, but just a wrapper, and it is better not to use it in online multiplayer games. However, we still managed to get a significant performance boost out of nowhere. Use it, because it really is real magic!

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