The increase in the number of bankruptcies, the tightening of the criteria for inclusion in the registry of domestic software, the Moscow Stock Exchange is exploring the possibility of admitting various instruments based on digital assets and other news on July 8 in the context of a special operation in Ukraine: in the summary of RB.RU.

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Friendly “Moskvich” and Diminishing US Supplies – Top News for Business July 8


  • Canada plans to return a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Gazprom, Reuters sources say. The Canadian authorities made this decision at the request of Germany. Kyiv considers this a violation of sanctions.
  • Russians bought the largest number of houses in Turkey, ahead of the number of foreign buyers of real estate in the tourist country of Iraq and Iraq. From 5% of Turkish housing sales to foreigners, sales to Russians amounted to 15% (they bought 3962 properties), to Iranians - 14%, to Iraqis - 12%.

  • The number of Russians arriving in Georgia in June increased by 503% compared to last year (in 2022, 90,239 people entered the country from the Russian Federation).

  • One of the world's largest aviation leasing companies, SMBC Capital Aviation, wrote off $1.6 billion from its balance sheet due to the termination of contracts with Russian airlines.

  • But the national airline of Venezuela, the airline Conviasa, from July 9, 2022, promised to increase the frequency of regular flights on the route Moscow (Vnukovo) - Caracas.


  • The senators recommended retailers not to include in the assortment products with the word "organic" that do not have the corresponding Russian certificate. The implementation of the recommendation threatens to disappear from the shelves of imported organics, which occupy 80% of the market, and reduce demand for the entire category.
  • The Software Developers Association called for tightening the criteria for inclusion in the home software registry. The associations want to prevent “non-core” structures, such as Ozon, Avito, HeadHunter and VimpelCom, from entering the registry.
  • Deputies of the State Duma proposed the creation of a single operator of digital advertising structures "to protect national interests and prevent cyber attacks", that is, all more than 4,500 electronic billboards in Russia will be managed by a single company, " softening the consequences of Western sanctions". ", but also controlling all content, both legal and private.

  • The Federation Council approved a law providing for the creation of a national mobile application store in Russia.

  • Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, and Nikolai Zhuravlev, deputy chairman of the Federation Council, submitted a bill to the lower house of parliament that would prohibit banks from charging a fee for transfers from citizens for an amount of up to 1.4 million rubles. monthly between your accounts in different credit institutions.


  • The Moscow Stock Exchange is exploring the possibility of allowing various instruments based on digital assets. But, according to the representative of the site, it will be ready to offer cryptocurrency trading services to clients only after the passage of the necessary legislation.
  • The Central Bank has calculated the losses of Russians from participation in financial pyramids: citizens inadvertently lose 10-12 billion rubles a year.

  • In June, Rosstat recorded a food deflation for the first time since August 2021: food prices fell by 1.1% during the month. Cabbage (-31.5%), tomatoes (-28.3%), cucumbers (-19.8%), beets (-15%), garlic (-12.7%), carrots (-11%) were those who fell the most. .7%).


  • Deliveries of goods from the US to Russia fell 13% in May, falling for the third month in a row. Imports of Russian products to the US also fell to $1.1 billion.
  • IKEA in Russia is facing a lawsuit for violation of buyers' rights. Now the retailer is trying to make an online sale of the remaining products in the country. Rospotrebnadzor joined the trial.
  • The Moskvich plant will assemble cars from friendly countries. The most likely candidate is the Chinese JAC. In China, the same models cost more than twice as much as in Russia.

  • The number of Russian citizens declared bankrupt in the first half of the year increased by 37.8%. Among the regions, the leaders in the number of bankrupt companies were Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, the Krasnodar Territory and the Sverdlovsk Region.
  • Rostourism in 2022 will be able to distribute only 700 million rubles of subsidies for charter flights to the regions instead of the declared 1.2 billion rubles, market participants calculated. The remaining funds can be used to subsidize the purchase of seats on scheduled flights and trains.
  • The agency also plans to expand its charter program to include rail transportation.
  • The Wargaming company, which developed World of Tanks, has finally sold its business in Belarus and Russia, the Belarusian specialized media write.


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