This Friday, during the impeachment hearing against Jhonier Leal, who the Prosecutor’s Office accused of murdering his brother, stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, a warning was given to the accused because apparently, the prosecution was laughing as he described the details of the crime.


According to the prosecution, both victims were left defenseless and then killed with a knife; Also, the stylist was beaten and forced to write a letter. so-called farewell note to try to simulate suicideand the scene was changed.

During the hearing, the case’s prosecutor, Mario Burgos, said at one point: “Whether it makes you laugh, Mr. Jhonier, it may make you laugh, but this is totally serious, please, Your Honor, I’m asking. Let them respect his mother and brother and rest in peace.”

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Faced with this, the judge also asked the accused to respect the process and the victims, and said: “Please let’s try to avoid some gestures in the face of what the prosecutor is pointing out.please, respect the audience,” the toga said to Jhonier.

The trial then continued with the Prosecutor’s statement claiming that he was the only person who had entered the house where Mauricio and his mother died that night. John Leal and that he was responsible for this double murder..

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“The only person living with Mauricio and Marleny at the time was his brother and son, Jhonier Rodolfo Leal Hernández. At 11:37 PM on November 21, 2021, it was determined that no one other than Jhonier fell into that group,” he said. attorney’s representative.

he addedAfter killing his relatives, “Jhonier is responsible for changing the scene, cleaning it up and moving Marleny’s body. from the third lower level to the room where Mauricio was and where the two bodies were found. “Prosecutor Burgos was trying to show that Mauricio killed his mother and then himself, but that never happened.”

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