Starting the day with a real panic attack is certainly not the wish of many users. The world of alarm clocks is literally endless in terms of possibilities, with those choosing a number of songs they like to wake up to in the morning, those opting for soft ringtones that can guide them through surgery without being annoying, and those who are in instead think outside the box. , using applications such as The Doomsday alarm clock

Let’s talk about an app available for free onApp Store by Apple, which can be downloaded from this link, and which will definitely have you starting the day in the worst way. Although it is not often easy to wake up and aggressive motives can be the right solution, in this case we are talking about an app that simulates a real apocalypse to get users out of bed and thus quickly share news about the end of the world. reproduce on the devices at the set times.

The five audios available tell what the world actually is like for a total of five related specific reasons, all catastrophic, of course, and ready to remember some of the most classic stereotypes of these sorts of post-apocalyptic settings. We are talking specifically about the eruption of a supervolcano, the artificial intelligence that wants to kill humanity, global warming, the arrival of an asteroid and the outbreak of nuclear war. Certainly not particularly pleasant scenarios to listen to in the morning, which could, however, make some users smile, ready to unleash the potential of the app.

Obviously, while you can imagine using the alarms to wake up, the application allows you to choose the related audio and start it at any time of the day. Although completely free, Doomsday Alarm Clock invites you to donate to EarthJusticean association whose very purpose is to prevent such phenomena from actually happening.

Source: Lega Nerd

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