The New York Times reports that Jony Ive and Apple are making extensive use of their collaboration.

In 2019, Ive left the company and lost his LoveFrom. Under a contract with Apple, as the former head of consulting for the Cupertinos.

Expires in the last few weeks. Johnny and Apple decided not to renew it. This means that Ive is no longer involved in product development at the Apple company.

It is noted that Cupertinians can, under an agreement, prohibit design from regulating with large enterprises, which they coordinate with competitors. Its not quite in the population. At the same time, Apple employees were unhappy with Ive’s large $100 million payout.

As for the Apple design team, it is currently comprised of Alan Dye (VP of Human Interface Design) and Evans Hankey (VP of Industrial Design), who spent years at Apple under Quince. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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