What is destructive and has a large mushroom cloud? Surely you have already guessed. Well, the New York government wants you to know how to survive the first nuclear attack. For this, they posted an informative video on youtube with a few simple steps to ensure your survival, the survival of your family and your pet.

That’s it. It’s like we’re in the middle of a cold war or staged like Fallout 3, the New York government shows us how to survive a nuclear attack. Although this is just a quick guide, many raised their hands to their heads in fear. After all, the video begins with the fact that a woman in black casually says: “So, there was a nuclear attack …”.

The video is called PSA of nuclear readinessand tells New Yorkers how to survive a nuclear bomb in three easy steps. Of course, none of them take into account the possibility that a bomb fell on your neighbor’s house, but in this case you won’t need too many instructions.

The video ends with the words “You have everything under control!”. An excellent message, which, no doubt, will empower citizens who have just suffered the worst war crime what currently exists.

Tips for surviving the first nuclear attack

First step, as shown in the video, is to enter the nearest building as quickly as possible and get away from the windows. This is, of course, in case you haven’t already been vaporized by the devastating and almost instantaneous power of the bomb.

as a second step, you are ordered to stay inside. Close all doors and windows and go to the center of the building you are in. If you managed to survive for a while outside, go inside and wash yourself with soap and shampoo as quickly as possible. You don’t want to spend your first dirty apocalypse, you’ve had enough watching Dark from Netflix.

I know. If all antennas, signals and other communications are not affected by a nuclear attack, check Twitter. No, this is not to see the first post-apocalyptic memes, but to keep you updated on what’s happening at the moment and what’s the next step. The video also notes that the government will send emergency wireless signals to notify the public.

You have everything under control!

New York government

This is how the Internet took the news

nuclear attack

The Internet has certainly turned upside down. From conspiracies to make sure the US government knows about something the rest of us don’t, to memes about it. Everyone took it in many possible waysexcept for what the New York government hoped for.

Of course, as Christina Farrell commented APNews“I don’t think there is a perfect time to talk about preparing for a nuclear attack. We didn’t post this for nothing. (….) It is just a tool to prepare for the 21st century.”

Thus, they provide there is no threat behind this post. However, the timing of the launch caused concern among many New Yorkers, who wondered, “Why now?”

“Prevention is better than cure”

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York

Twitter, for its part, did not respond well. Not only for him timing publications, but in terms of content. The steps in the video are reminiscent of the classic duck and cover steps we see in other emergencies. Nuclear technology experts such as Geoffrey Lewis dismissed the movement as “nothing more than “prayers and thoughts”“.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York who approved the video, comments: “I think it’s a pretty active move.” Also add to mail what “I’m a big believer in the “better safe than sorry” principle.“.

Source: Hiper Textual

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