Brazil, which has had records of dissatisfaction with the quality of fixed internet in recent years, especially during the pandemic, offers a better scenario for the current year. by “National Outlook on Internet Quality in 2022” More than half of the Brazilian states recently launched by the Minha Conection platform now have satisfactory quality internet.

This means these locations offer broadband capable of providing daily browsing, online gaming and high quality video. The calculations were “based on users’ connection speed and latency to generate scores that reflect the real online experience of Brazilians,” according to Alexandre Martins, spokesperson for the website.

high quality videos

starting from 9.2 million quality tests performed by users in Brazil in the last six monthsInternet speed data for video consumption surprised:

  • 77.4% of the links showed support for 4k resolution content;
  • 10% will render materials at 1080 pixels;
  • and 12.59% had speeds capped to 360 or 720p, a phenomenon that is recurring in every region of Brazil.
  • At the state level, the link speed difference between each state is not large.

internet quality

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The result of the analytical panorama was now: “The vast majority of Brazilians surf the Internet without worry”.

Recent tests showed that 84.9% of the analyzed download speeds could be classified as “good” in all regions of the country.

Internet for online games

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In terms of internet speed for games, My Connection took into account the ping (latency) detected in the tests. This number represents the response time of the device when sending a data packet to the server. So, the higher the ping, the better the online gaming experience.

Source: Tec Mundo

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