Scholars have discovered in the Pacific eastern hot hydrothermal vents. An unexpected place with life forms that may have clones on other planets. According to scientists, it is the largest and hottest hydrothermal vent never discovered before. Also a place where such springs should not occur, because the closest volcanic area is very far away.

These are emissions of very hot water, usually near submarine volcanoes or near magma chambers. This is an area 320 km off the coast of western Mexico. It resembles a huge football field, created by underwater robots used for mapping very deep seabeds. This area of ​​huge spires was excavated by the Sentry rover. These are spires over 10 meters high and at a depth of 2560 meters below the sea surface.

We were amazed not only that the hydrothermal vents are active, but also that the water coming out of the vents is the hottest in the entire Pacific Ocean.

Daniel Fornari, marine geologist participating in the study

A curiosity is that despite the water from these hydrothermal vents being over 400 degrees Celsius, there are really evocative living creatures around. Life exists thanks to chemosynthesis which uses chemical reactions for energy production and thus no sunlight.

This perspective leads scientists to think that a similar process could make it possible prosperity of life also in other worlds. Life always seems to find a way to evolve, even in the most unimaginable contexts. Maybe there could also be living things on it icy moons of the solar system Enceladus and Europa.

These are satellites with oceans with probable hydrothermal vents similar to terrestrial ones. This study on hydrothermal emissions was also essential in helping scientists discover as-yet-unknown volcanic regions. Furthermore, also to understand chemical processes in the Earth’s oceans.

Source: Lega Nerd

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