The owner of the TechnoMax YouTube channel has learned that in 2022 you can buy cheaper: a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop.

  1. Gaming PC is cheaper than exactly the same performance laptop. For example, if you take the average price category, the difference will be 20-30 thousand rubles, and if you look at the best models, the difference between a desktop computer and a laptop will be 50-80 thousand rubles.

  2. A computer is easy to upgrade as opposed to a laptop. For example, you can easily replace the video card if necessary.

  3. Desktop computer repair – cheaper and easier. In other words, they are more sustainable.

At the same time, we should not forget about the advantages of gaming laptops. First of all, mobility. It can be used comfortably both at home and at work, it can be used anywhere in the apartment. It is also suitable for carrying a laptop if you change your place of residence.

In addition, you need to know that laptop and desktop processors and graphics cards have completely different performance, even if the model names are the same. You can find all the matches below.

The expert also listed a few examples of matches between gaming laptop models and desktop PC mounts. You can see them below.

Gaming laptops make it possible to use a full-fledged gaming PC for less money. However, with the increase in price, the performance gap between the first and second increases, and a gaming laptop is not capable of reaching the maximum possible performance of a desktop computer.

Source: Ferra

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