The idea of ​​​​creating a “water SUV” appeared precisely in hot Florida. She appeared along with the engineers of Shadow Six. This is a Typhoon “toy”, which is a UTV body mounted on a pair of jet skis. Inside it can be a link to up to three people. The bodywork is original for the exceptional side panels used from the Polaris RZR. It is supported by shock absorbers on the composite hulls of jet skis.

At first glance, the design looks strange and clumsy. In fact, this is exactly what is required for impressive water activities. Available in. This is a basic setting, which can be replaced by an even more powerful one at the request of the client. In the midst of a typhoon, it is fantastic to move on water at 130 km/h.

Shadow Six Typhoon

Applied Alk design typhoon approaches and rppp allow for rapid acceleration, p, p, p, Suspension work is perfected – at the moment of water drop o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o “water SUV”. Evaluating the Typhoon, you can find only one drawback in it. That’s the price, which is $250,399 for the minimum height.

Without words, in order to install the soil science drive soros and the wind face in the water flow, you can use sed ru? For example, the same jet skis that turn around much cheaper. And yet, driving a Typhoon is not at all the same thing as driving a jet ski. Just watch the video with this “SUV”.

Source: Tech Cult

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