Since when facebook changed the name to A half, the company’s efforts in the metaverse sector have made themselves felt, and thankfully, while many new features are being developed behind the scenes, there’s also no shortage of updates on the content already available. The well-known giant has in fact confirmed a new important step that for now will only be available to a limited number of content creators, but which is an important operation for the company’s future in the world of social networks.

We are talking specifically about Horizon Worldsand the possibility for users in Canada and the United States to shop around the world, buy secret sections or collectibles related to aesthetics. The company has also started testing a creator bonus program called an extension of the company’s Horizon Worlds creator fund, which will allow some users who participate in the game to get direct funding from the behemoth.

Below you will find some translated extracts of the sayings of Mark Zuckerberg reported on the pages of TechCrunchwhere the matter has recently been investigated.

If you envision a future where the metaverse will have evolved, the ability to sell virtual goods and take them from one world to another is clearly going to be an important part of that. But first people have to want to buy to get this economy going. Monetization for content creators is very important as you need to be able to support yourself and live well while building these great experiences.

All that remains is to find out how everything will evolve in the future thanks to the continuous support of creators and users who will invest in this world of the already available giant.

Source: Lega Nerd

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