TechSpot writes on the basis of a patent, that Intel may be working on dynamic billboards controlled by drones. Drones can adjust their flight paths in line with the public’s view and possibly move or get out of the way accordingly. Of course, this is just a patent, so it’s not certain that such a concept will actually be applied in practice.

Drones would play different roles in Intel’s various concepts. For example, several drones can carry a banner with an extra drone detecting the field of view of a group of people. In another example, the patent states that drones display advertising screens and can dynamically adjust their composition.

Drones are currently used for a variety of applications, but dynamically displaying billboards is a fairly new concept. For example, there are drone demonstrations where masses of drones form shapes in the sky. In a recent interview with Hardware Info, a drone team from Twente described the human application of drones.

Sources: TechSpot, United States Patent and Trademark Office

Source: Hardware Info

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