Differences in emoji understanding emerged during the Slack study. The company surveyed 9,400 office workers worldwide. “The results of our study are very clear – be careful when communicating with people of different generations via emoji,” Slack said.

Therefore, about a third of people under the age of 40 believe that the peach emoji is not suitable for use in correspondence with colleagues. But more than 59% of seniors don’t see any sexual messages in this emoji. The same goes for the eggplant emoji. 47% of older users see it as nothing more than a vegetable.

There is a difference even in understanding the most popular emoji – smiley face. About a third of Gen Z use it to express their distress, and 60% of those over 40 use it just to show their joy.

One of the most confusing emojis is the marigold. The younger generation calls them something like “gossip”, but people between the ages of 25-40 interpret it as a symbol of “taking care of myself”. Most people 40+ don’t know what that means.

Source: Ferra

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