It often happens that the battery in the car fails not after five years, but before. This may be due to its incorrect operation. But there are ways to fix this.

  1. Check the charge level. This is especially important if you are traveling short distances by car. From time to time, check what the battery voltage is with the engine off. It should be at least 12.5 V. If it is lower, the battery needs to be charged. Also check if the charging current is around 14.4V.

  2. Disable unnecessary features while parked. For example, it is better to turn off the lights or just leave the parking lights. This will require much less energy. In addition, consider whether you need heating for windows, mirrors, seats.

  1. Monitor current consumption while car is off. When the vehicle’s engine is turned off, regularly check for any electrical devices in the vehicle. Often times in the parking lot, the battery is discharged due to a broken alarm. It can also be affected by the radio, lights in the cabin or trunk. A fully charged battery should last three months. If the vehicle is switched off, the current consumption should not exceed 30 mA.

  2. Do not over discharge the battery. This is especially dangerous in winter, as the device may malfunction. Also, it may not be recharged due to a strong discharge.

  3. Charge or disconnect the battery regularly. If you are not going to use the car for a long time, it is better to connect it to an electronically controlled charger. Another option is to remove the battery completely, but this can clear memory on some devices in the car.

Source: Ferra

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