Experts traced the relationship between transferred monkeypox and the development of neurological and psychiatric symptoms. These include myalgia – muscle inflammation, fatigue, convulsions, headache, confusion and encephalitis. Changes in vision, dizziness, photophobia, and psychiatric symptoms of anxiety and depression were also found.

“There is preliminary evidence for a variety of neurological and psychiatric manifestations of monkeypox, from common and nonspecific neurological symptoms (myalgia and headache) to rarer but more severe neurological complications such as encephalitis and seizures,” the scientists said.

This work was commented on by Mikhail Bolkov, Senior Researcher of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Inflammatory Immunology, Institute of Immunology and Physiology. According to the expert, the process of tissue destruction is triggered by any infection due to inflammation and temperature.

“It is always associated with neurological changes. We all know that at high temperatures a person thinks differently. The more severe the infection, the more severe these effects, even if they do not have a direct effect on the central nervous system,” Bolkov explained.

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Source: Ferra

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