Elon Musk’s SpaceX has received a $225 million contract from NASA to launch a space telescope that will study dark matter and search for exoplanets in the Milky Way. The launch is planned for October 2026.

NASA will pay SpaceX $225 million to put a space telescope into orbit

NASA announced the conclusion of the contract with SpaceX on its website.

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be launched into orbit in October 2026. It will be launched into space on a Falcon Heavy rocket from a facility in Florida.

The launch contract is worth $255 million, which is all the planned costs associated with the mission. The useful life of the telescope is 5 years. The mission may be extended for another 5 years, NASA noted.

The observatory will study dark matter, search for and photograph exoplanets in the Milky Way. The telescope's camera will measure the light coming from the galaxies. Scientists expect to find about 2.6 thousand exoplanets in the galaxy.


Kirill Bilyk

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