According to the expert, there is now such a so-called service to reset the credit history. And allegedly such a service is needed so that the bank will again lend a large amount. In fact, scammers disappear with the money of a deceived debtor. Moreover, according to criminals, this is always a one-time service, but it is assumed that the bank “forgot” a bad credit history.

The press service of the Central Bank confirmed this scam and said that the above-mentioned scam is usually a link in a long chain, and the victim first needs to make money on Forex, then get a loan and “wipe” for it. “credit history. But you can only change this if it was the fault of the bank or if someone took a fake loan for the victim.

“The client, as a rule, is “promoted” by a group of interrelated people – they can first offer to make money on illegal forex, then offer to get a loan. And when a person gets himself in debt, “borrowers”, fake lawyers, etc. entering,” the Central Bank warned.

Source: Ferra

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