YouTuber Vadim Yuryev from the Max Tech channel showed how you can reduce the heat of the MacBook Air with the M2 processor and increase its performance.

He bought a $15 thermal pad and installed it over the closed circuit board where the M2 chip resides. The thermal pad is able to quickly transfer heat from the processor to the MacBook Air chassis. As a result of the laptop, the heating is reduced and not slowed down.

In confirmation of the quality of the thermal pad, Yuryev conducted a simple test. He exported 50 images at 42 MP to Adobe Lightroom. The modified MacBook Air completed the task in 1 minute 56 seconds, before installing the thermal pad. The action lasted 2 minutes 55 seconds.

Also, the modified MacBook Air showed better results in strengthening the cooling system.

During normal use of the MacBook Air, the temperature reached 108°C, and after installing the thermal pad, the temperature did not rise above 97°C. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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