In the world of already existing technologies, avatars of real faces are created. This is in demand in various applications and social networks where you can communicate using a video call. As a rule, they all work on the basis of cameras. But the middle school at Corneille University decided to grow society with the s s s The rejection of cameras justifies that the cameras are power-hungry sets and can capture a set of sish-om many personal XchfAM Corneille’s EarIO system is built on the SONara collection.

EarIO is a headphone designed with a portable SONARy device. Once they are learned, reproducible sounds are provided from the bones of the skull to the reader, changing after the isenex. These changes are stored by a sensitive microphone. Further, AI algorithms form an avatar, which in a constant expression of the face of the user. The hearing system causes the image transfer of the nobility device so that the avars can be used y y

The conducted tests proved the compensability of using the avatar creation system. Its reliability is slightly affected by background noise, wind and user movement. But there is still one drawback – it is excessive sensitivity. Changes in ime are due even to sai movements of the head, that the zastaballesses Prototype has shown the ability to work for three hours, but I’m not sure that increase.

Source: Tech Cult

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