Nova Launcher is probably the most popular alternative launcher on Android and now has version 8.0 for testing. The update brings new features, design changes and improvements. Android version 13.

Nova Launcher 8.0.1 is in beta, so it comes first for testing. Any user interested in joining the testing program can join the launcher developers Discord group – the link is available in the tweet below.

The latest version of the app is based on Android 12L Launcher3 and is made to work better on phones with large or even foldable screens. It also refreshes the design of the Material You theme, which should better match the look of the latest Android.

While Android 13 is still in the testing phase and has not been released to the public, Nova Launcher 8.0 promises to add improvements and tweaks to keep Google running smoothly once the OS is updated.

At this time, we don’t know if this particular version of Nova Launcher will be made available to everyone or with a later, more stable version. For now, you need to download the APK to test it.

Source: Tec Mundo

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