this BlaBlaCar this Thursday (21) announced a new offer Verified Profile seal For service users in Brazil. This feature comes to strengthen safety on the platform for both passengers and drivers.

Available after the user completes the three verification steps required by the ride-hailing application, the functionality is represented by an icon. blue seal appearing around profile pictureindicates that the person has completed the operation. The novelty joins other safety features offered, such as “For women only”, whose trips are for women only.

BlaBlaCar is committed to providing a safe travel environment and is constantly working to develop new features for this purpose. With the seal, profile verification, which is already in progress, becomes more effective and encourages users to create an even more friendly and trustworthy community”, underlined Tatiana Mattos, head of the company in Brazil.

To increase loyalty to the tool, the car sharing platform announces profile verification by sending notifications, informative emails and inbox messages to community members. Announcement can also come via messages on the application screen.

how to get

HE BlaBlaCar Approved Profile badge Available in the passenger transport app. You need to turn on the “Verify your profile” option from the “Profile” menu of the service and complete the three verification steps required by the company: ID, phone number, and email address.

The authentication, whose document is not shared with others, can take a few minutes, according to the company. And when the process is finished, the user receives a confirmation message via push notification or email.

Source: Tec Mundo

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