Unique moment: iPhone 13 Pro with 1 TB is 140 euros off in this color only

If you spend the day shooting 4K, all that memory will come in handy.

Unique moment: iPhone 13 Pro with 1 TB is 140 euros off in this color only
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we met one iPhone 13 Pro 1TB internal storage the price dropped by about 140 euros today. It costs 1,739 euros if you want to buy it from the Apple website, but it can be yours today. €1,599 In PcComponentes and only alpine blue, the price of other colors is higher.

One of the most sought after and best selling second hand terminals is the Apple iPhone and this is the Pro model those with the best reviews In the last year. if you need backup internal memoryIf you’re recording in 4K, this is the version you’re looking for. cinema mode all this time, you will need 1TB of storage and only this model can provide it.

iPhone 13 Pro (1TB)

Buy 1TB iPhone 13 Pro with a discount of 140 euros

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro has one of the 3 most up-to-date cameras in a mobile phone

This iPhone 13 Pro is, in my opinion, the prettiest and best sized one. is built high strength glass and aluminum alloy scratch proof, certified IP68 against dust and water. You can immerse it in water for a long time without any problems. Only alpine blue pattern It’s on sale, but it’s one of the prettiest this terminal has ever had. this cell phone only 7.6mm thick and weighs 203 grams. Compact, a little heavy but solid as it is.

We have ruthless power thanks to our inner self. Apple A15 Bionic processor 5 nm running at speeds up to 3.1 GHz. This is accompanied by Apple’s 5-core graphics chip, 6GB of RAM and some impressive and almost inexhaustible, 1,000GB of storage internal. This hardware manages to score well above 830,000 points in the Antutu performance test. You won’t have lag or global performance issues, it’s great at that. And it comes with it latest iOS system versionhow not

The iPhone 13 Pro is the most beautiful, compact and dedicated iPhone we’ve tested on iPadizate.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s display is one of the most beautiful, best finished displays and looks particularly good. In the market for Samsung Amoled displays, this is impressive 6.1″ OLED with Full HD+ resolution (2,532 x 1,170 pixels), variable refresh rate 120Hztop 1,200 nits maximum brightness, unlimited, 2 million contrast and Corning Gorilla Glass protected. he is the one the best panels installed today and few cell phones do this, maybe because very premium.

Behind it we have one of the best main cameras of the last decade. A 12 MP Sony triple lens with wide-angle and telephoto. Also, add a 3D ToF sensor Sony 12 MP also to improve the composition of photos. We have optical image stabilizer, recording Very stable 4K at 60fps (similar to GoPro Hero 10) and slow motion at 240fps at 1080p. so good that it scored 137 on the DxOMark test. In the area of ​​Face ID we have a 12 MP selfie camera that can move. impressive results in high resolution photos and vlogs.

iPhone 13 Pro (1TB)

The battery of this iPhone 13 Pro 3,125 mAh, fast charging at 20 W, and wireless compatible with MagSafe at 15 W. It can give us 1 and a half days of usage time perfectly. What we have in connection 5G, NFC, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, Dual SIM and GPS high sensitivity.

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