There will almost certainly be a significant event in the video game industry in 2024: the launch of a new console from the great N. Various reports suggest that nintendo switch 2as we know him in the world of rumors – it is doubtful that this is his official name -, will arrive in the second half of 2024. However, we now have a more accurate window thanks to possible oversight from the accessory manufacturer.

Altec LansingThe brand, which specializes in speakers and headphones, has hinted that Nintendo Switch 2 will go on sale in September..

And what does Altec Lansing have to do with Nintendo’s next hardware? Well, this company also owns AI Shark, a tool that promises to change the way several video games function. In other words: it allows you to activate traps. AI Shark is essentially the spiritual successor to the mythical GameShark. If you are a gamer of yesteryear, you probably remember it.

“The innovative gaming software will mark a significant advancement in gaming experience, providing an enhanced gaming experience for entry-level users. AI Shark is scheduled to officially launch on Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.“, the company said in a statement.

Now Altec’s public relations department, seeing the ruckus they were causing, quickly came out to clear the air. The representative commented Jason Schreierone of the video game industry’s most renowned and respected journalists, who They just “guess” Nintendo Switch release date.

They also contacted Digital Trends. They mentioned that while Nintendo hasn’t revealed a release date for the Switch 2, they believe it will arrive this fall.

It makes sense that the Nintendo Switch 2 will release in September.

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Obviously, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Perhaps Altec is taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch 2 hype to create public strategy by AI Shark. The other possibility, of course, is that they actually have reliable information about the console’s launch.

But even if the Altec story is just smoke, the truth is that Your “forecast” is not at all far-fetched.. In the middle of last year, VGK reported that Nintendo plans to release Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024. several video game studios already have development kits for a long time, so they will have enough time to adapt the games to hardware next generation.

Shortly thereafter, in September 2023, a report eurogamer showed that Nintendo showed a preview of the Switch 2 to some developers during Gamescom. It was even said that its performance would be close to that of the PlayStation 5 as it had no problem running the demo version of the amazing game. Matrix.

So it makes sense that Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in September. Residents of Kyoto will be able to get the most out of Christmas season, in which video game sales are growing exponentially. You can be sure that more reliable information on this matter will appear very soon…

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