Yandex, VK, Ozon, MTS, Vimpelcom and the NMG structure will become advertising data operators, which from September will have to transmit data on all Runet campaigns, RBC found out.

“Yandex”, VK and Ozon agreed to take into account all runet advertising

In the fall, a full accounting system for Internet advertising should be launched in Russia. Clients, agencies working with them, and the Internet sites themselves will have to transfer information about all campaigns to Roskomnadzor.

Initially, it was assumed that market players could transfer information about the cost of contracts, the timing of campaigns and others directly or through advertising data operators. But in June this year, additional amendments were adopted that left no other option: it is now possible to transfer information only through intermediaries.

The number of such operators is not limited, but there are conditions: those who want it must have a Russian legal entity with an authorized capital of at least 200 million rubles. He also needs to document that advertising systems and advertising distributors are ready to work with him, whose total annual revenue from these services exceeds 2.5 billion rubles.

Yandex, VK, MTS, the AmberData platform (50% owned by the National Media Group), Ozon (all of them confirmed their interest) and VimpelCom (refused to comment) are ready to become intermediaries between Roskomnadzor, advertisers, agencies and media sites. Internet. . ).


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Source: RB

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