In a few years we will return to the cinemas to see films about the Avengers: this is what emerged at the meeting of the Marvel Studios at Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. In 2025, two films about the Avengers are titled Avengers: The Kang Destiny And Avengers: Secret Wars.

Here are the logos of the two movies.

Obviously, the fact that there’s a Marvel movie production about Secret Wars, one of the most significant crossovers in the history of the House of Ideas, is coming to the attention of fans.

The exact release dates for the two Avengers movies are May 2, 2025 for Avengers: The Kang Destiny and November 7, 2025 for Avengers: Secret Wars. Recall that Secret Wars was the crossover that caused both Marvel superheroes and villains to collide on the planet Battleworld (it was also the story where the Spider-Man symbiote costume that formed the basis for the birth of Venom made its debut).

For these two new feature films, many are waiting for the presence and introduction of the Fantastic Four, also considering that the characters and the villain Doctor Doom are among the protagonists of Secret Wars in the comics.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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