Today, leading mobile device manufacturers mostly install headphone jacks on budget versions of smartphones. If this continues, in a few years most phones will only be able to connect wireless headphones. But why is this happening?

According to one user, this is due to three factors.

  1. Wireless headphone promotion. For example, this is what Apple did. They removed the jack on iPhone for people to buy more AirPods. In addition, company representatives state that such a change makes it possible for the device to receive protection according to the IP67 standard, but the Galaxy S7 with a headphone jack also has protection according to the IP68 standard.
  1. Rejection of outdated technologies. Most manufacturers believe that wired devices are a thing of the past and should be replaced by wireless headphones. However, today the sound is still better wired.

  2. Lack of space inside the smartphone. Manufacturers often use free space to place some sensors on it or install a more powerful battery.

Source: Ferra

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