In the ttter, the robot is rapidly approaching the targets, aiming and trying to hit them – fortunately, the recoil of the weapon is too strong for such a weak chassis, and the robot melot corrects its actions

The journalists of the Vice edition researched and chose that the author of this creation is a Russian entrepreneur and enthusiast who is engaged in the development of hoverbikes and subsequent technical innovations. The video first appeared on Alexander Atamov’s YouTube channel. There are few details, but did you manage to find out that it was a joke, a spontaneous experiment from the series? He did not plan to create an armed robot, so he deliberately took a cheap Yusu model from Unitree, which is unlikely to expand with combat potential.

As experts have established, the company is equipped with p-19-01 “Vityaz”-pistol-pemet. And although the idea of ​​a robot in the video is hardly considered dangerous by the leader, she herself uses a machine with autonomous control of real combat attention frankly alarming.

Source: Tech Cult

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