HE Tor browser last Thursday (14), a new version won. According to the developers, the software has been improved over the previous update, gaining tools to improve browsing privacy and make it possible to use the internet in “heavily censored” areas.

One of the main innovations Tor Browser 11.5a automatic detection and avoidance of censorship This is done through the Connection Assist function, which maintains an up-to-date list of country-specific network settings. By verifying the user’s location (with their confirmation), it activates the best option for this situation and allows access to the web.

According to those responsible for the project, the tool comes in its first stable release and suffers from some instabilities at startup. Problems can happen mostly in countries like Russia, China, Turkmenistan and Belarus where the Tor network suffers from internet blocks.

The improvements are now available to all Tor users on PC.

It is also worth noting that, New version of Tor browser, change in connection configuration interface. If the user chooses to configure the network himself rather than choosing the automatic mode, he will see a redesigned panel to make his job easier, even relying on emojis to identify saved hyperlinks.

HTTPS is enabled by default

Tor Browser 11.5 also has other new features such as: enable HTTPS only mode by default on desktop. The measure, which will be released in the future Android version, increases protection against cyber attacks, making browsing even safer.

The update also comes with improved font support, which now reduces character rendering issues in certain browser supported languages. According to the developers, the added packages did not make the installation file heavier.

Downloading the new version of the Tor browser is available from the project’s official page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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