Owners of Android smartphones often forget to turn off Bluetooth because they are constantly using wireless headphones. But actually, leaving Bluetooth enabled 24/7 can be dangerous for your mobile device.

The truth is that always-on Bluetooth makes your smartphone more vulnerable to intruders. They can use malware to track your location.

The main disadvantage of Bluetooth technology is the principle of operation. It consists of two Bluetooth-enabled devices being able to see each other at close range (usually up to 10 m). At the same time, a smartphone or other gadget that supports this technology sends a certain signal that other devices can detect.

Therefore, any scammer nearby can try to connect to a gadget via Bluetooth. In addition, American retailers Walmart and Target are known to use Bluetooth to monitor their customers. This information may also be shared with other marketing companies.

For all the above reasons, the FCC recommends turning off Bluetooth when not in use. It is especially important to do this when in public. There is also an option to make the smartphone undiscoverable by default and disable this feature when you need to pair the device with another device.

Source: Ferra

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