Samsung announced it’s ready this Thursday (21) The second generation of your SmartSSDs. The products are aimed at the industrial segment but can represent an important step towards the future of computational storage in different scenarios.

What Samsung’s new “smart SSDs” basically do is bring some level of data processing directly to the storage drive. This helps reduce the need to transfer data back and forth between the drive, CPU, GPU and RAM. The idea is to eliminate bottlenecks that often occur during communication between the processor and the memories.

According to Samsung, its next-generation SmartSSDs can reduce processing time by up to 50% and power consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional data center SSDs. CPU usage can go as low as 97%.

“With the enhanced processing functionality of the second-generation SmartSSD, Samsung will be able to easily meet the growing needs of consumers in the database and video transcoding industries, while pushing the boundaries of the next-generation storage market,” said Jin-Hyeok Choi. vice president and memory solutions leader at the company.

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

Source: Tec Mundo

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