During a randomized cross-sectional study, it was found that an adult eating very salty foods disrupted the functioning of blood vessels. However, it turns out that eating four servings of cheese a day can help neutralize this effect.

According to representatives of the American Heart Association, the amount of sodium taken with food should not exceed 2300 mg per day. Ideally, adults need 1,500 mg of sodium per day.

The new study involved 11 adults. All adhered to different dietary choices for eight days. Some were on a low-sodium, dairy-free diet, others were on a low-sodium, high-cheese diet, others were on a high-sodium, dairy-free diet, and others were on a high-sodium, high-cheese diet.

After a week, it turned out that the blood vessels of the volunteers who consumed a lot of sodium and did not eat cheese had difficulty relaxing under the influence of the acetylcholine drug. The opposite was observed in those following a diet high in cheese and sodium.

However, it is best to consume cheese in moderation. It has many other benefits besides maintaining healthy blood vessels. For example, cheese is considered highly nutritious, helps prevent cavities, and contains conjugated linoleic acid. The latter applies to cheeses such as brie, blue cheese, cheddar. This acid is beneficial as it helps prevent obesity, the development of heart disease and reduces inflammation.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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