One of the most successful messengers of the 2000s. MSN completes its 23-year launch this Thursday (21). Although it was discontinued by Microsoft, it is still remembered by users today.

Launched on 21 July 1999 Microsoft messaging program came to compete with ICQsuccess of the dial-up age. It was presented as a platform that allows instant communication with any user. hotmail.

The 320 KB file size was a difference over competitors, which allowed download and installation in “just” 3 minutes using a 28.8 Kbps modem, as the Redmond giant reported at its premiere. Success came immediately and MSN soon became a real fire.

In Brazil, the messenger was used by millions of people to chat, especially after midnight when calling was cheaper. Chat rooms were also very busy on the weekends due to reduced connection costs.

Popular Functions and the End of MSN

Nostalgic users often remember MSN features. There was a communication alert going to Messenger, shake the screen to attract attention in case the person takes too long to respond and the possibility of using “blink”, which are animated stickers similar to existing GIFs.

Availability, away, busy or even to be invisible, to observe who is online and put music on the profile, show a little of your music taste. The program also allowed sending emojis and providing games for fun in the middle of the chat.

There were some simple games on MSN.

These were just a few of the tools of the classic version of the program, which began to lose ground with the spread of mobile phones and social networks. Even changing your name windows live messengerThe program that gained functions such as video chat and photo uploading is gone.

The discontinuity began in 2012 when Messenger was replaced by Skype. end of MSN On October 31, 2014, it was firmly decided that the messenger’s servers were shut down in China, the last country where it worked.

Source: Tec Mundo

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