Large car companies, refocusing on the production of electric vehicles and realizing that they are the future, want to make them more attractive. This can be achieved through the use of industrial and robotic charging systems, where the driver does not need to independently connect the power cable to the vehicle. Such systems could be extremely unusual for people with limited mobility as well.

The rotized charge stele may have good prospects, r, r, The check has already begun. The operation of the system can be controlled using applications on the associated phone. A hatch that hides objects, a socket on the body, an electric car opens automatically, a robotic arm connects the cable to the socket using a camera. The driver gets the opportunity not to free the passenger compartment during charging.

It can be rainy and cold outside, so why not just pass the time by entertaining yourself with social media or watching a movie on the gas station info screen? You can also send a cup of coffee to the nearest institution to cheer up and pilling. The charging process code is completed, the rorua automatically disconnects the cable and the charging case disappears. A survey conducted among residents of the UK showed that the presence of such a function as robotic charging is assessed as a fairly good reason for purchasing an electric car.

Source: Tech Cult

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