There are currently two dozen certified cameras on the market HomeKit(see the full list of available devices here), but at the same time, only certain models can be purchased in Russia.

Basically this device Akara, Eve and Logitechother manufacturers do not always release European versions of devices or simply release the domestic segment of the market.

We have already reviewed about more advanced speed Akara G3and now let’s look at the younger brother in the line – Akara G2H.

The model is a modification that sells well on AliExpress cameras Akara G2. The developers tested the certification of the device to work with the HomeKit smart home control system, presented several color solutions and received a gadget Akara G2H.

The device has been on the market for a long time. More than a year ago, the company introduced an updated line of smart home gadgets, among which cameras were also found. Akara G2H.

When I needed recovery with support HomeKit out of the box, I bought this gadget without hesitation. Let’s figure out who and why this device can come in handy.


Here are all the main parameters of the monitored device:

Lens: wide angle 140 degreesshooting before 1080P (20 fps, H.264/H.265)
Night shooting: before 8 metersIR light invisible to the eye
Communication modules: WiFi 802.11 b/g/nZigby 3.0
Memory card support: Micro SD up to 32 GB
Sensors and modules: speaker, microphone, motion sensor
Dust and moisture protection: not provided
Working temperature: from -10°С to +40°С
Food: 5V, 1A
Dimensions: 82.4 x 56.5 x 50.5mm
The weight: 114 grams

Device in a small package 95 x 104 x 56 mm.

As it turned out, the cameras have no outstanding parameters. At the same time, the device looks like a strong middle peasant in its niche and can cover the needs of 95% of users.

An unexpected solution with HomeKit support out of the box and any additional feature in the search had to reach out a lot. An angled 4K sensor, swivel mechanism, or dust and moisture protection for outdoor mounting would make the device suspicious.

So you can use cameras for indoor use under almost any current console.

Appearance and equipment

It’s nice to see a gadget in which the company has invested in the development of the appearance. This is not a faceless creation that can easily be confused with a dozen close associates, but a recognizable design with unique features.

The G2H camera resembles a cute one-eyed creature, when it sees a yellow model in memory, it immediately feels the image of a minion. Such a resemblance will definitely appeal to children who will love the yellow creature that keeps order.

In addition, the camera is available in orange, navy blue and white. The latter option is common, it will fit perfectly into any interior and will look harmoniously with a variety of other Aqara or Xiaomi.

The fastening to the structure is not new, it requires a solution that has already been used in the budget assembly. Xiaomi Xiaofang smart camera. The folding hinge allows you to tilt the camera at a sufficient angle relative to the floor.

The swivel camera stand is similar to the Xiaomi Xiaofang Smart Camera mount

This will be convenient for any location of the camera. If you install the gadget on a low shelf, table or chest of drawers, you will be able to “raise” the viewing angle. Or vice versa, lower the device when installing on a cabinet or refrigerator.

The stand can be rolled up for easy storage, and the bottom is supplied with a magnet. So any metal surface or a plate glued in the right place is suitable for fastening. Such a plate with an appearance on one side with 3M adhesive tape is found in the kit.


At the top is a function button. Pressing it for more than 3 seconds activates the ability to leave a video message. Notification of the arrival will only come to the native application Akara Home. I was not able to come up with at least one scenario for using this option.

At the back there is a speaker and a micro USB connector for power supply. On the one hand, the company should be scolded for its unwillingness to connect G2H a more modern Type-C port, but with a different camera, this is not the kind of gadget that will be switched off and off on a daily basis.

The box with the camera contains a 1.5-meter white cord and a compact power adapter for 1A. And they didn’t stint on the classic “iPhone” paperclip for resetting parameters or removing a memory card.

We get an excellent delivery kit, which immediately makes the gadget ready for use. Unless, in some scenarios, perhaps a memory card.

Sets up in a minute and works with a wide application

Like any proper smart home gadget, the camera Akara G2H offers the easiest activation and settings. Even a housewife far from the world of gadgets will cope with everything without instructions and additional manuals.

You can choose one of the protocols for controlling the smart home of applications and connect the camera in it. It could be one of the programs:

▶ Mi Home – for owners of an extensive fleet from Xiaomi;

▶ Aqara Home – for those who assemble a smart home from Aqara gadgets certified in Russia;

▶ Home – for fans of the control system HomeKit from Apple;

▶ Sprut.home – for connoisseurs of a convenient control interface from a domestic team.

Camera in native app Akara Home (left) and Octopus house (on right)

The fastest way to connect your device is through the HomeKit system. To do this, in the application, the House scans the QR code on the front end of the camera or enters the 8-digit digital code of the device.

The camera will cheerfully greet the user and offer several settings. After a couple of minutes, the gadget is ready for use and can broadcast a picture in the selected smart home control program.

To the point: An alternative smart home control application made in Russia

Comparing this with other cameras, I had to use it, I realized that in the future I would only purchase certified for HomeKit device. The overall standard and ease of connection is definitely worth it.

Most other cameras from China are more difficult to connect and still work through the clouds. You have to listen to incomprehensible phrases in Chinese, bring them to a portable code displayed on the smartphone screen, and expect the signal to reach a remote server.

I connected one of the available cameras near the recipient until the stars converged in the right setting.

Not just a camera, but also a Zigbee hub

One of the features Akara G2H is a built-in hub Zigby standard 3.0. This makes it possible to find individual gateway solutions for connecting devices to the smart home.

All kinds of Zigbee buttons, light bulbs, sockets, switches and sensors cannot directly work with the control interface in the house. They require a dedicated hub. In a small house with a dozen gadgets, you can do without a hub and replace it with a real camera.

Seriously, I would not count on building a network of young devices based on cameras. In this case, G2H can run a signal repeater, expanding Zigbee coverage.

Not a session that the camera is certified with HomeKit and can forward to the application House any unexpected Zigbee gadget.

The camera itself communicates with the smart home via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and does not need hubs or “pads”.

Ultimately, you will either choose to replace housing in a small smart home (dacha, country house, garage), or a signal repeater to increase the Zigbee coverage area in a large smart home.

Interesting chips for video surveillance

The device provides almost the entire range of possibilities for video surveillance coverage.

1. Broadcast from camera to real-time memory is available. The stream can go both with sound and without it.

Join the application House or Akara Home you can turn on the mode Picture in picture and watch the camera while continuing to use the gadget. This scenario is especially useful on the large iPad screen.

2. There is a photo or video recording on a memory card or in the memory of a smartphone. You can take a photo, make a video in manual mode, or set up appropriate automation.

By connecting a memory card, you can activate continuous recording until the card is full, reducing the deletion of the first clips. It is possible to record when motion is detected.

3. Subject to limitation when motion is detected. To be present if it is necessary to observe, for example, a sick or diseased animal.

In the native mass dissemination of public opinion. It is possible to adjust the tracking area, adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, set triggers when loud sounds are detected.

So it happens to cut off false cases of detection, for example, if in the frame of an unexpected TV, a curtain swinging from a draft, or something else.

4. Two-way voice communication works. Pressing the button activates the intercom mode, if the camera is used to monitor the entrance or the front door, you will be able to talk with those who come to conclude.

5. The motion sensor is consumption. You can create various scenarios when motion is detected or when it is used. These can be both banal conditions for perception or perception in society, and partly more complex triggers.

6. The camera indicator is completely turned off. At the same time, the IR glow for poor visibility conditions is completely invisible to the eyes. This favorably distinguishes the cameras from smaller ones, which stand out strongly in the dark status with a diode or IR illumination.

7. HomeKit option supported Protected video. If you have a paid iCloud+ subscription, you can use the Apple cloud to store camera recordings.

To the point: How to set up video surveillance in your own home from Apple. Feature Overview HomeKit Protected Video

The most demanding users may not only take video recordings to a NAS drive or a remote server. This is already an option for more advanced video surveillance that goes beyond the scope of a custom HomeKit system.

Buy or not?

For several years of vigorous activity in a smart home, cases of infection have been detected when using a gadget. The camera has more than once helped out or simply facilitated some life processes.

The device can come in handy as a babysitter, which is undoubtedly related to the dangers of animals. The camera will help you quickly organize monitoring of the office or premises. A device for education in the entrance, in the local area or in the parking lot (with shooting through the window from the room) will come in handy.

An unauthorized device can become a sensor to activate smart home tests. This can be both fixation of incoming / leaving people, and motion detection.

Of the minuses of the device, I would note inability to write to an external server and lack of some functions in the Home application. So, for example, to record a video on a drive, including an active detection zone or a few more actions held on a smartphone in the Aqara application.

At the moment Akara G2H is the most affordable camera with HomeKit smart home control support. A couple of months ago I ordered a camera on AliExpress for 4300 rubles. Then the prices jumped a little, but now it will be possible to find a camera cheaper than 5000 rubles.

If you are interested in the implementation of one or more objects of observation, devices should be looked at.

Source: Iphones RU

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