According to TSMC, 2nm chips will begin production from 2025. This year 3nm chips will go into production. TSMC CEO CC Wei said this in an interview with Goldman Sachs.

According to the head of the manufacturer, 2nm development is “on schedule.” TSMC will be well positioned in the market and will be able to handle fluctuations in the economy well. Pre-production of the N2 will begin in 2024. According to the CEO, the manufacturer will start rolling out the 2nm process in 2025.

The 2nm process will be the first to use GAA (Gate All-Around) transistors instead of FinFET (Fin Field Effect Transistors). Both Intel and Samsung are already using this technology. When asked by Goldman Sachs, Wei did not answer.

TSMC states that HPC (High Performance Computing) will be its fastest growing segment this year. Last quarter, 41 percent of sales came from there, slightly more than smartphones with a 40 percent share. IoT and automotive sway behind this at eight percent and five percent, respectively. Total revenue increased 11.6 percent quarter on quarter to $17.6 billion. The company is expected to generate revenues of between $17.6 billion and $18.2 billion this quarter.

Source: Seekingalpha

Source: Hardware Info

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