At the time, Apple surprised by giving up the charger in the iPhone box. It’s a decision that has generated a lot of controversy, although other manufacturers like Samsung have started to follow in their footsteps later on. And we’re so afraid of it tesla will do something similar.

And the American company has always provided mobile connectors for charging in its fleet of vehicles, but Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk decided to abandon this element.

Or this is what emerged from the last Twitter message of Elon Musk, where he clearly stated that users use this device very little.”The usage stats were very low so it seemed like it was wasted. On the (small) plus side, we’ll be adding more plug adapters with the mobile connectivity kit.”. Come on, if you want this element, you have to go through the box now. And it’s not exactly cheap.

Binder starts at 340 Euros in Spain

especially The price of this connector in Spain ranges from 340 to 590 euros, depending on the model you buy. As expected, the spate of complaints set Twitter on fire, so Elon Musk had to stand out by stating that they would lower the price of the cheapest connector. It has an official price of 275 euros in the United States, but Tesla’s CEO said they will reduce it to 200 euros and it will be cheaper if ordered directly when buying the car.

namely tesla connector 2nd generationCosting 340 euros in Spain, it allows the car to be connected to any interior wiring and offers up to 1.3 kW of output power, in addition to autonomous charging times of about 5 kilometers per hour.

Undoubtedly, a highly controversial move on behalf of Tesla, and one that future owners of one of the vehicles in its catalog did not like.

We don’t deny that what Elon Musk said is true, but regardless of whether the use of this charging system is rather anecdotal, they cannot remove this item and offer it at such high prices when it was previously included.. Tesla should reconsider the price of its electric cars and lower the figure by abandoning this component. We anticipate that this will not be the case though.

As so many times, everything will continue as before as the discussion is watered with other news. Even if you are planning to buy a Tesla car, remember that the charging cable is separate…

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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