The Universal Creators Conference Experience (UcconX) kicked off this Wednesday (27), an event for pop culture, cosplay, games and more at Complexo do Anhembi in São Paulo (SP). But what was supposed to be a big celebration for fans probably turned out to be a huge flop, as there was even a promise of international appeal.

With large empty spaces with no booths, exciting attractions, lack of products, low audience, and more, the event made many people uncomfortable. With tickets in excess of R$1,000, several people are accusing the event of fraud.

Twitter users compared UcconX to Fyre Festival. In 2017, the festival was a complete fiasco, with packages of up to 100 thousand USD, introduced by many world famous people, and even turned into a documentary on Netflix. Check out jokes and memes with UcconX below:

various problems

Problems with UcconX started before Complexo do Anhembi opened its doors. A few days ago, reports came in, mostly on Twitter, from people saying they were working to organize the event and didn’t receive it.

One of the cases belongs to Karla Tomaz, whose tweet had received more than 5,000 likes by this Wednesday afternoon. She claims she worked for the organization for a long time and eventually “got months of unpaid blows”.

Hours after kickoff, the event saw yet another piece of bad news, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven of Eleven) stranger things) and George Takei (Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek) have been canceled. Both would have been diagnosed with covid-19.

Due to the absences, the organizers announced that those who bought tickets to see Brown and Takei, Takei Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things) and Ian Somerhalder (The vampire Diaries), respectively.

The promise is that the UcconX program will continue until next Sunday (31), with attractions like the presence of actor Rupert Grint (Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley), youtubers, comedians, actors, digital influencers, cosplayers, actors and more.

Other side

HE TecMundo He contacted the organizers of UcconX to ask about all the problems and accusations that happened to the incident. First, company BBL, which bought the event in February 2022, said that complaints about non-payment “reference the 2021 period prior to the acquisition of UcconX by the current organizer.” The BBL also reported that it “sympathizes and regrets this situation”.

Regarding the videos showing the large empty spaces, the organizer commented that “the building is 100% assembled” and that “it is normal that the public is less crowded on the first day, as it is at the beginning of every festival”. This Wednesday will also be used to check if any adjustments are needed for the next few days.

Asked about the cancellation of Millie and Takai’s presence, BBL informed that fans can request a refund of the ticket via email [email protected].

Finally, the BBL noted that the attractions of Ian Somerhalder, Dacre Montgomery and Rupert Grint are still confirmed.

*Updated on 27/07/2022, 6:30 PM with the location of the UcconX organizers.

Source: Tec Mundo

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