According to the estimates of the Global Footprint Network and WWF, on Thursday, July 28, the next World Ecological Debt Day came – the conditional date for the exhaustion of all bioresources produced by the planet in a year. Mankind began to consume a lot of food and water, which in the past Full observation will not come yet, but for the same fifty years in a row, the even date has been coming all the time.

Strictly speaking, the problem is the lack of RESURs, but their unreasonable consumption. If the whole world lived the way Americans used to do, the day of debt would come amer 1umba. Another example is that due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumption around the world decreased, and the desired date came three weeks later than the estimated date.

Due to the fact that sishom sees a lot of food during oods, the day of the eological valley comes at 13 days of h. If people in the countries of the world eat half as much meat, which does not create harm to health, then it could be given for another 17 days. It is estimated that today 63% of arable land is used for fodder cultivation. planets.

Source: Tech Cult

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