After multiple claims that talked about the debut of the application Switch to Android on the platform of iOSFinally google must launch it all. As suggested in recent months, we are dealing with software specifically designed to help users change their phone in case they want to opt for the search giant’s offerings, with some steps much easier than anything before. in the past.

Many users, even after owning a particular device, decide to opt for the company’s offer”competitor“, And the apps that help with that are particularly useful in these specific cases. Especially in terms of data transfer, not everything is actually very intuitive and easy to do, and it is because of what the companies have therefore chosen for an option of this type.

As explained on the pages of TechCrunch, all this allows you to copy the data by logging in without manual operations. At this point, however, Google hasn’t announced anything yet, with theApp Store however, which allows you to immediately take advantage of the potential of the respective application. To be fair, it’s been many years since Apple released its version of this app for the 2015. released Play Storealthough luckily Google has also decided to adapt to the situation.

Operation is quite simple as the software takes care of moving data from iPhones to Google Drivewith Android phones making sure everything is downloaded and synced, which then underlines that apps aren’t moved in the process.

Source: Lega Nerd

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