The National Radio and Television Administration of the People’s Republic of China imposes a ban on the broadcast of video games for all Chinese Internet platforms unless there is an official license in China. For example, the new hit game industry “Elden Ring”, which cannot be bought in the Chinese market, however, this game already required an audience from the game of gamers. Now access to it is much more complicated for them.

China has used openly “Draconian” methods of regulation of the Game Industry in the past. As a matter of fact, It has been asking for a long time, because the ban on games without a license is expanding, that the authorities want to block access to them. Gameplay broadcasts were previously unofficially moved beyond the restrictions, but now everything has become extremely strict.

Obtaining a license for video games in China is also difficult, although possible. In Beijing, they do not find themselves ready to resort to severe censorship, as they consider video games a useless and downright harmful way for young people to pass the time. And the less she will face him – in any form – the it is better.

Source: Tech Cult

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