The portal research center conducted an annual survey on the key factors in choosing a job and found that in 2022 the suitability of the authorities became even more important to job seekers than the stability of the company.

The adequacy of the authorities is more important than the stability of the company – survey

Traditionally, the most important criterion for choosing a job is a high salary, and more than half of those surveyed vote for it every year (this year it is 56%).

Other important factors influencing the choice include:

  • adequacy of the authorities (37%),
  • company stability (35%),
  • career prospects (29%),
  • comfortable psychological environment (28%),
  • convenient location (25%),
  • prospects for personal growth (23%).

Also of the mentioned, but already conditionally important (judging by the percentages won), the respondents pointed out:

  • interesting tasks (13%),
  • life balance maintenance guarantees (12%),
  • efficiency of management systems (11%),
  • decent compensation package (10%),
  • the opportunity to study at the expense of the employer (9%),
  • company image (5%),
  • corporate culture (2%).

Of note, for all of these indicators, the overall picture has remained largely unchanged since 2015, with only management adequacy and company stability having changed dramatically since 2021.

If before the reliability of the company was more important (46-49%), now it has become less important (35%), but the adequacy of the authorities has become much more desirable (27% in 2019 and 37% in 2022 ). ).

Employers, meanwhile, have not yet caught on to this trend. They are aware of the importance of salary (71%), but the importance of the stability of the company (52%), as well as the location of the office (39%) is somewhat exaggerated.

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It is also worth noting that the suitability of the authorities as an important criterion was mentioned most often by young people, but for respondents over 45 years of age, the effectiveness of management systems and a comfortable psychological atmosphere at work are also very important.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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