Nobody knows that Facebook bought WhatsApp (for a staggering $19 billion) and Instagram. But why would the company do that, considering it’s the most successful social network on the market? Apparently the answer is that Facebook has a wonderful crystal ball, as a report from KPCB shows.

That’s because in a chart that analyzes the number of photos posted and shared daily on the main platforms in the market, we have quite a surprise: While Facebook still has an enviable brand, WhatsApp is almost twice the presence in the region, even with a much shorter “lifespan”. Instagram, on the other hand, is also strong in the market, although it brings much more modest numbers.

Interestingly, Snapchat, which is currently tied to WhatsApp for installs, was one of the services Facebook was also trying to buy – but turned down the $3 billion offer. Although Mark Zuckerberg was wrong about the size of the offer, we have to admit that he once again predicted the success of the service in the market.

Source: Tec Mundo

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