Hyper is a manufacturer that we are familiar with from various accessories such as chargers and power banks. This time, the company is trying to sell us a more expensive Thunderbolt hub via Kickstarter. One sold without an external extension cord.

Such a block is often found in the plugs of similar hubs. This means that you always need to have some space behind or on your desk, and hubs are perhaps not as portable as you would like. The new Hyper hub has a regular 8 digit plug that goes straight from the wall to the cabinet. Not only can you access the extra USB ports, but you can easily take the hub on a trip.

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Hyper Thunderbolt Hub

Hyper believes it’s important to note that the new Thunderbolt hub shines in its simplicity. However, the compact box offers 96 watts of power. You can power many laptops with it. But if you have a gaming laptop or a device like a MacBook Pro, you may still lose some energy while using it, either very slowly or when such a device is running at full throttle.

HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power Hub as the full name of the hub is available on Kickstarter now. There you can support the product for a minimum of 175 Euros. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only serves the United States for now, but you can still get the hub in the Netherlands with a forwarding service.

It may be worth it; because if the product hits the market, you will probably have lost 300 euros or more. At least that’s the price Hyper is talking about.

Hyper’s Thunderbolt hub offers four Thunderbolt ports. You connect your laptop via one of the connections and then plug in a display, external drive, or other accessory. The hub has PCIe speeds of 32Gbps so you can even connect external graphics cards.

It’s also true that the accessory can power an iPad Pro up to 15 watts. Finally, it is possible to use two displays with a maximum resolution of 6k at 60 Hertz.

on the expensive side

Of course, with a minimum investment of 175 euros (you will pay 195 to 234 euros from now on, excluding VAT and shipping costs, as long as stocks run out), you should go deep into your pocket for the portable device. For the same amount, you get hubs that offer more ports and support displays up to 8k (like the OWC Thunderbolt Dock).

But when you go from Hyper to dock, you pay mainly for the lack of an external power block and the added convenience of portability.

Of course, there is always a risk in backing a Kickstarter project. When such a product achieves its purpose, the company behind it usually has to start production. Meanwhile, a lot of things can go wrong that can make you whistle for your money.

Anyway, Hyper is a well-known company with several successful projects to its name, so it will run smoothly. Still, this is something to always keep in mind when backing a Kickstarter like this.

Source: Computer Totaal

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