The host of The Infographics Show channel states that there are 12 types of physical activity that get rid of excess weight the fastest.

  1. Kick box. You can also start practicing some other martial arts. They will allow you to master self-defense techniques and burn 710 calories per hour.

  2. water ball. This game is similar to volleyball but water. Because you are constantly on the move and swimming, your body burns 839 calories per hour.

  3. To run. There really is a difference between normal running and jogging. During the latter, you stay at a slow pace, but with a simple run, the speed increases. It is usually between 10.5 and 13 km / h. As a result, you burn 710 calories per hour.

  4. gymnastics. It includes exercises where you rely only on your own body weight. For example, while pulling up works your arms and back, the squat helps create a load on the hips and buttocks. Push-ups can also be helpful, and there are many variations of them. All this will save you 710 calories per hour.

  5. Circuit training. They contain mini exercises for the whole body. For example, you can start with push-ups, then move on to squats, crunch, jump squats, sit-ups. As a result, you can run a little. This will allow you to get rid of 710 calories per hour.

  6. jump rope. It turned out that this activity burned 839 calories in 60 minutes. And the jump rope is very cheap.

  1. exercise bike. In an hour, such a simulator burns 622 calories. But if you add inclines to it, those extra pounds will go even faster.

  2. rowing machine. With such an intense workout in 60 minutes, you’ll burn 622 calories. It will also help you pump up the abdominal and arm muscles.

  3. aerobic dance. This type of dance will save you 600 calories per hour.

  4. Swimming. Thanks to swimming, you will get rid of 400-550 calories per hour. And that’s if you swim slowly. Any public pool is suitable for this.

  5. light jog. An activity that will burn 400 to 550 calories per hour. The main secret is to keep moving throughout the entire training hour. For example, if you are waiting for a green traffic light, you can start running on the spot. Choosing the right sneakers is important.

  6. hiking. This will be the best activity for nature lovers. You can burn about 350-400 calories per hour while lifting weights.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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