According to the results of the survey, one out of every three Russians believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth (35%), and not vice versa. VTsIOM noted that the indicator has grown by 7 percent in 15 years. Fortunately, only 7% of respondents agree with the statement that radioactive milk can be made safe by boiling.

One in five people – 21% – also believe that primitive humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs. 44% of Russians believe that GM foods can cause cancer (of course there is no proof of this).

VTsIOM also compiled a portrait of Russians in terms of scientific literacy:

  • Russians with a low level of scientific literacy are mostly people over 60 who actively watch TV, live in the countryside, and have a secondary education level and below.
  • Russians with an average level of scientific literacy are people over 45 years old, living in small settlements of up to 100,000 people, with a medium level of specialized education.
  • Russians with a high level of scientific literacy actively use the Internet, have higher education, live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the Northwest Federal District.

Source: Ferra

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